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Anka Sasha Featheryl
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Well, as my girls grew up, (sniff, sniff), you can find them on deviantART and get to know them yourself. KarmyGray, ThatCyan and lucyninja98 are in your care!

I'm a girl aged 14. I'm tall, blonde, and plump (*blushing* My family loves chocolate...), and I'm soon gonna be a high schooler.

I'm sometimes shy, sometimes social, sometimes temperamental... Dreaming of someone I can be close to phisically and emotinally for some time, I'm still around most of my friends and thanking my guardian angel for saving my ass most times.

I'm trying to be a writer, but I'm lazy like hell and I sometimes lose my ideas. I have a few ideas for books, and some fan fictions, just go search me on livejournal. Some of them are up for adoption~!
  • Listening to: nada
  • Reading: fan fiction, Ender's game
  • Watching: nada
  • Playing: soon enough... Terra! (>T^T)>
  • Eating: food
One moment, you look at a notebook. The next, someone talks to you. Afterwards, you are walking home.... Where is all that time in between? Give it BACK! You will NOT steal my time!

Running after supposedly benched people is not funny, especially since you're on heels and the ground is wet and slippy. And yet you grit your teeth, think 'Only this once!' and go forward. You look around- have you lost them? Then they calmly pass by you, smiling like a girl in love and nodding in the phone. 'Well... shit. This isn't Sparta!!'

A final test. You know these, don't you? You do! Stop quivering like an idiot and start writing! Yes, yes, no. 1s, 2s, 2p.... wrong! Erase erase! Meh.... ask Carmen. DISCREETLY! Er... so you were right, no matter. Write it back... the time? Check your damned watch.... FAAACK! Write write writewritewrite- No, it's not late! Move!

>.> No, Cartarescu is an idiot. Period. I'll learn Maiorescu, so shut up, biatch.

Er.... how were ppts made? It's a bit dark.... -.- too many information. Cut out. Let's start over, okay? Let's see...

"Are you better today?" "Mhm. Hugs?" "C'mere. Don't be sad, all's going to be okay, alright?" "If you say so..." "Touche. I know so. Hey, did you do your homework?" ">> You opportunist."

"Was it that bad?" "What?" "The test." "*sigh* I'm gonna get a 7." "*hugs* You're a man, chin up." "Whatever.... *leaves*" "If I share my sandwich, will it cheer you up?" "*bright grin* Of course."

"....why is this unicorn retarded?" "Its neck is too long." "(beep beep beep beep beep) I spent a whole hour on this piece of (beep beep beep)!" "^^' Calm down, you can make it over." "For your mental sake, I hope so."

"How about you write something?" "*glowers* How about no?"

"Hey, I wrote something about Ru. Like, the conections between her and me, and why's she my main character." "Hmm~ Want me to do the same? And ask Cyan and Gray to do as well?" "Wow, you read minds! Yep, but try to make Gray take it seriously." "I'll try."

"Hey mom? On 20th I have the biology competition, right?" "Yeah, what's with it?" "I was wondering if I can go to the movies with my friends.... you know, Lucy, Ria, Kanra? Maybe even some others?" "As long as the competition is in the morning and the movie in the afternoon, I don't care." "Thanks mom."

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